These are just a few stories about some of my experience’s I have had so far. There is more to share and new adventures to come. Whoever came up with that acting bug thing, wasn’t kidding. When you truly are an actor, you feel it in every part of your being. It’s not an easy ride at times but experiencing those moments that I have shared ...they make you feel complete when you reflect back. Being on a set, better yet being on a set on location share an experience with a group of people that nobody else will ever understand. It’s like a secret society. You work hard, you play hard and you walk away with a piece of every project that leaves you full and yet hungry for the next. Acting isn’t for the weak, but my advice to anyone with stars in their eyes to take that jump. You never know, you may land in a foreign country, in a dirty lagoon, or with the best cast and crew you have ever met. If you feel it in your being I always have said ...


L.A. Noire

From the same company that made Grand Theft Auto, I had the pleasure of being apart of their latest project "L.A. Noire." For all of you video game buffs, this game ....

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Serious Moonlight

This script was written by the late and very talented Adrian Shelly who brought us the fun, quirky, slice of life movie "Waitress." Actress Cheryl Hines directed Meg Ryan and Timothy Hutton ...

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Criminal Minds

The show speaks for itself. Great writing, great cast and a wonderful crew overall. One of the best sets I have been on ...

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