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Legend of the Lost Tomb

One word people……Egypt!!!! Talk about location. I will say the first week in Cairo took some getting used to. A huge culture shock for this Colorado kid. But by the end of the 6 week shoot, I didn’t want to leave. I had the privilege of climbing the Giza Pyramids. Something that is now closed off to the public. It took awhile to get to the top of that huge, amazing, historic giant. But for 8 hours while we filmed I looked over the city, tried to figure out which ant like figure was my mom waving at me and was in awe that I was on top of one of the wonders of the world. It wasn’t until I started climbing down, that I remembered I was afraid of heights. You would have thought it would have been the other way around, but no. I clung on to those huge blocks while a lovely Egyptian man guided me down. And about an hour later as tears ran down my checks, my feet hit the sand and my moms arms embraced me……I realized what I had just accomplished. Pretty cool if you ask me. Along with learning how to ride a camel. But be aware….the spit and it doesn’t smell pretty. But they sure are cute.

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